Evax Cottonlike: Ana Fernández & Bloggers

Ana Fernández joined Evax Cottonlike to bid bad odours farewell from the heights once and for all! She went on a hot air balloon and not only did she enjoy the spectacular views but she also took in all the fresh, pure air and said #ByeByeOlor forever. The actress shared the experience with some of the most prominent fashion bloggers: Bartabac, Style it Up, A Trendy Lifestyle, Style in Madrid and Stella Wante to Die.

Ana Fernández se unió a Evax Cottonlike para despedir desde las alturas al mal olor ¡para siempre! realizando un paseo en globo aerostático donde además de disfrutar de unas espectaculares vistas aéreas pudo respirar aire puro y decir de una vez por todas #ByeByeOlor. La actriz disfrutó de la experiencia junto a las bloggers de moda Bartabac, Style it Up, A Trendy life Style, Style in Madrid, y Stella wants to die.

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